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Air Fryer Kuih Gula Hangus @ Honeycomb Cake 气炸锅焦糖蜜蜂窝蛋糕

It's been many years back since I made this kuih gula hangus. Gosh, I have phobia making this kind of cake cause extremely worried if the honeycomb holes won't form in the cake. haha.....  So, this round I just gave it a kick and it ended up pretty well. It turns out much better than expected. I am dancing with joy now. The picture says it all !  Please read on for more.

This is how you prepare the black treacle (gula hangus). Let sugar cook over medium heat till melted and turn dark brown colour.

Then slowly add in hot water about 50ml at a time till all in and let to cook over low heat till sugar completely dissolved. Set aside leave cool.

Ingredients :
250ml   hot water
160gm   sugar
125gm  melted butter
125gm  all purpose flour
1 TB  baking soda
5 medium size eggs
150ml   condensed milk
pinch of salt

Method :
(1)  beat egg and condensed milk till light & pale, as picture shown below.

(2) now, add in melted butter, salt & black treacle (gula hangus) till well cooperated, as picture shown below.

(3)  next, fold in flour & baking soda mixture till everything is well combined.

(4)  once its done, sieve batter to 8" greased silicon bundt cake mould or 7" baking tray.

Finally, bake at preheated air fryer 170'C 35 minutes then 165'C for another 13 minutes or till tester came out clean. (place baking tray directly into the AF box, with a rack below for metal tray, without using the fryer basket)

See, the cake or kuih turns out looking like this and the tester came out clean. So, I am pretty sure it's cooked. Let it cool down for about 20 minutes and then unmould it.

OLALA..... now, you see what I mean !  I am one happy baker clap, clap, clap..... Hope you guys will love it too. Have fun !


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Note :  Kindly email me directly if any quiestions. Many thanks

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